About Timothy


Say hello to Timothy, a British brand of premium travel goods, born of superior design and engineering excellence, where everything we make has been created to look beautiful and work beautifully too.

15 years in the making.

It’s taken 15 years of working closely with the world’s leading luggage manufacturers to develop Timothy. And to make it, undoubtedly, the perfect travelling companion.

Here to make all your journeys easier and more comfortable.

Everything that bears the Timothy name has a range of unique and innovative features, all specially designed and engineered to make travel much easier and a lot more comfortable. Just as you’d expect from the perfect travelling companion.

All the frequent traveller needs.

Our wide range of premium travel goods, from check-in cases and cabin-cases, to bags and accessories, have all been designed and engineered with the frequent traveller in mind.

We pay full attention to detail.

From the world’s finest materials that make Timothy products look and feel so exquisitely refined, down to the smallest zip and stitch that make them so safe and secure, attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.
We go to the greatest of lengths to care for our planet. That’s why all Timothy products are designed and engineered to be as sustainable as possible—from the moment they leave the factory, to when they come back for recycling.

Put simply, all Timothy products are:

  • Robust and reliable.
  • Repaired not discarded.
  • Returned and recycled.
  • Free of plastic packaging.

At Timothy, we call it Full-cycle Design.

A lifetime guarantee
This isn’t just an ordinary guarantee. It’s a lifetime guarantee. Because at Timothy, life really does mean life.

A lifetime’s peace of mind with our lifetime guarantee.

From the smallest luggage tag, to the largest check-in case, all Timothy products have been designed to last a lifetime. Which is why every single one is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

That means we’ll repair, or replace any part, or material, that’s defective due to manufacture, or workmanship (not normal wear and tear, of course), completely free of charge. And if for any reason we can’t repair or replace, we promise a full refund, no questions asked.



We’ll repair any damage that can be repaired.


We’ll replace any part that can be replaced.


We’ll give you a full refund if we can’t repair or replace.