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Our elegant suitcases come with a whole host of special features, all designed to make travel much more of a pleasure and much less of a pain.

Our unique, multi-position, telescopic handle.

Because comfort is key, our clever and ergonomic handle always keeps your case at the right height, whatever your height. Not only that, and unlike most others, it sits outside the case itself, so no water can ever get in.

No squeaks or rattles with our patented silent wheels.

Revolutionary built-in silicone dampers both reduce noise and eliminate any hint of a vibration. So you can glide quietly, wherever you go.

Open the bonnet, not the cabin-case.

The ingenious bonnet on our neat cabin-cases lets you pack exactly how you want to pack. That’s because you can now get at all the things you need, right from the front of your case—quickly, and while keeping the rest of it closed.

Let the case take the weight.

Ever struggled to open your big, heavy check-in case when it’s fully packed? Well now, with Timothy, you need struggle no more. Our handy, side-hinged, front opening bonnet means you can access everything inside, while keeping the side flat, and properly zipped.

YKK double-coil zips, for double security.

Unlike the single-coil zips you’re probably familiar with, our double-coil zips from YKK—makers of the world’s finest zips—are doubly safe and doubly secure, to help keep thieves well and truly out. Put simply: it’s hard to beat, or bust, a double-coil zip.

Our convenient, TSA-approved key-combination lock.

Now you can open your case with either a key, or a combination dial. So if you lose your key, or forget your combination, there’s always another way in.

A floating divider to divide your space.

A brilliant idea—our floating divider lets you vary how much space you can allocate to different parts of your case. Which means the case fits around you, not the other way around.

A laptop pocket for perfect balance.

To spread weight more evenly and enhance manoeuvrability, simply slip your laptop into the special pocket right in the middle of your case, between the front and rear compartments.

Extra space as standard.

If you’d like more space inside your case, our slimline handles and partially integrated wheels give you that. This also keeps the space more usable, as it’s clear of any obtrusive shapes taking it up.


Here to make all your journeys easier and more comfortable.